Carpathian Mountain International Film Festival, CMIFF

Carpathian Mountain International Film Festival, CMIFF, is a celebration of film and video content about the mountains. It is a professional platform where filmmakers from all over the world meet. Here is a unique festival atmosphere to inspire lovers of the mountains and everything connected with them!

The film festival was founded in 2020 by Oleksandr Meryavchyk, Vyacheslav Yegorov and Dmytro Hreshko to draw attention to the film industry in Transcarpathia and revive film production in the region and popularize the mountainous region. The mission of the Carpathian Mountain International Film Festival is to draw attention to the preservation of the Carpathian Mountains and to popularize Transcarpathia, which has incredible potential for film production. Within the framework of the event, 25 films were screened in competition and out-of-competition programs. A panel discussion was held under the title “Transcarpathia. Will there be a movie?”. The lectures were given by Czech director Martin Pav (How to create a successful documentary), producer Gennady Kofman (Documentary Films from A to Z), Anna Kuzyo (Inspired by Old-growth forest: Preservation of the Oldest Carpathian Forests), photographer Oleksii Marusyk, producer Valeria Sochivets (Film Production from A to Z) and director of animated films Svetlana Magda (Animation in Film).

The Jury Prize for Best Documentary Full-length Film in the Festival Competition went to Wolves at the Borders, directed by Martin Pau, Czech Republic, 2020. The special jury award went to As Far as Possible, a documentary by Anna Yaroshevich, Ukraine, 2020. The second award of the evening was the Audience Award! The winner was chosen solely by the audience, voting by QR-code for the film that touched them the most.

The award for best documentary short film went to Resilience, directed by Andres Bronnimann, Costa Rica, 2021. So, the gifts will go to Latin America! “For the courage to tell a deeply personal story and incredible resilience and love for life,” said jury member Mykola Bazarkin.