BROKEN is a short narrative film about returning to normal life after war, and if it’s even possible.

You can walk away from a war, but it will forever leave an imprint on your life. The main characters return to their previously familiar lives – work, family and children. But they are broken – the war has broken them. They struggle to find their place in the civilian world and feel like outsiders. The story is based on contradictions such as the reluctance to return to everyday routine and the fear to return to the war zone; or the need for support vs. the fear of appearing vulnerable; the search for lost femininity, and not recognizing one’s weakness. These issues are raised in the dialogue between the two strangers who meet in a suburban minibus.

Scriptwriter: Solomiya Tomashchuk
Directed by: Solomiya Tomashchuk, Valerii Hrytsenko
Director of photography: Yuriy Dunay
Art director: Anastasiia Shcherbak