2019 – Khalepa na 5 Baksiv

2019 – Khalepa na 5 Baksiv, (premiere November 7, 2019 watch trailer)

Directed by Miroslav Latyk, a full-length feature film.

The film’s protagonist, the slick little crook Hamster, along with his friends Max and Zenik, founders of the startup 5BAKSIV.NET, are considered the prime suspects in the murder.
Investigators must find answers. But there is a “mole” among them and for him, the investigation is just a cover for another operation.
The main characters find themselves in the middle of a showdown between unknown law enforcement officers and a local kingpin, who are hunting for the key evidence, a flashcard, which has a video of a state crime. And when it seems that all is lost and life is over, the Hamster gets an audacious idea.

Idea: Dmytro Khilchenko, Myroslav Latyk, Olga Reka.
Supported by the State Film Agency of Ukraine.