2019 – Policewomen

2019 – Policewomen, directed by Olena Zakharchuk-Zaluska, pilot episode of the detective series.
Website: http://www.policewomen.com.ua
Policewomen is the first “police” series on Ukrainian television, the main characters of which are women. It gives birth to a fascinating and plot-unpredictable mix of emotional female drama and even melodrama and police procedural. The filming of the pilot episode was accompanied by a social campaign dedicated to policewomen.
The project of the production of the pilot episode of the Policewomen series was supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation within the framework of Strengthening the capacity of the Ukrainian audiovisual sector program.
Five female officers of the Kyiv police – the head of the homicide department, the deputy she pushed out of her position, a patrol officer, a medical examiner and a secretary – defend their right to be a woman in the strict “male world” of the police. They strive for women’s and family happiness and share each other’ s joys and troubles and, in their spare time, try to neutralize a serial killer who started his hunt for policewomen…

Partners: National Police of Ukraine, WOMO