Between Heaven and Mountains

Between Heaven and Mountains is a feature-length documentary film about the medical workers in the remote Transcarpathian region (Ukraine) during the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic.

In 2020 the world was suddenly put on pause because of the pandemic. The life of megacities and entire countries came to a halt. At this time the work of the medical workers comes to the fore, after the decades of being largely invisible. Doctors have to choose whom to save first and who’ll have to wait.

Humans have difficulty understanding a threat if it can’t be felt or tasted, so the farther from the central cities, the more conventional quarantine is practiced by the locals. Weddings and mass celebrations increase the number of Coronavirus patients. Hospitals are overcrowded and doctors work tenuously.

The film shows how Transcarpathian doctors save lives through their individual heroism and dedication to the profession, despite their low salaries and severe risk to their own lives. The situation is complicated by the peculiarities of the Transcarpathian region, where a large number of the population are ethnic Hungarians who poorly speak Ukrainian and struggle to find a common language with the Ukrainian doctors.