2018 – Family Hour

Family Hour, directed by Mariia Ponomarova, short feature film.
n the summer camp built in Soviet times near Kyiv, guest hours begin. Sixteen-year-old Danya hopes for the arrival of his divorced father as he has prepared something special for him. When his father, who has had nothing to do with his life for many years, shows up at the camp, Danya realizes that his jokes aren’t funny at all. At the same time, the father realizes that the times when he could have taught his son something are long gone. They go to pick up bags of food and fruit from the car when suddenly Danya notices that her father did not come alone.

Directed by: Mariia Ponomarova

Scriptwriter: Mariia Ponomarova

Director of photography: Mykyta Kuzmenko

Art director: Maria Khomyakova

Composer: Vladislav Rogalevsky

Film editor: Sabine Maas

Actors: Daniil Zubkov, Oleksii Skliarenko, Yana Zelenska, Eva Petrash, Oleksii Petrozhytskyi