2017 – Coffee in a circle

Coffee in a Circle is a short narrative film based on real events in Ukraine during mobilization in 2014.
The military registration and enlistment office picks up businessman Taras, who was supposed to go on vacation “to the islands” together with his wife and son. At first he wants to bail on it, but to his own surprise he meets successful people who came voluntarily to the enlistment office.
The petty officer for whom the bribe is being prepared is a young guy who is raring to go to the front himself. Unexpectedly it turns out that the right specialist has already been found and Taras can go back home. His wife happily announces that the vacation vouchers have been delivered, the suitcases are packed and they can go on their trip. Taras is faced with a moral dilemma.
Supported by the State Film Agency of Ukraine.