Polina Herman (Bushinskaya) – Producer, Director of LLC UP UA STUDIO

Polina Herman – Producer, a member of the Ukrainian CinemaCademy and the National Union of Cinematographers of Ukraine, member of the European Psychodrama Association (PAfE), Institute of Psychodrama, Modern Psychology and Psychotherapy. 

in 2016 established its company from the film production “UP UA Studio”.


  • In 2013, he received a second higher education at the Kyiv National Theater, Cinema and Television University. I. Karpenko-Karoho in the specialty “Organization of cinema, television production”.
  • In 2011, he graduated from the Kyiv Institute of Culture and Arts in the specialty “Marketing and Public Relations”.
  • In 2011 he studied at the Higher School of PR and Advertising at KNU Taras Shevchenko in the field of marketing.

Born in Evpatoria, now lives in Kyiv.

In 2012 he began to work in cinema production. In 2013, he was promoted by Ukrainian films as PR-Director in Insight Media LLC (“Normal Case”, “Ivan Power”, “Istalgia”). Subsequently began to deal with the distribution of Ukrainian films in companies LLC “435 FILMS” and LLC “Big Hand FILMS”.

In 2014, he was engaged in the organization and promotion of various social projects, such as “Week of Ukrainian Cinema in support of Oleg Sentova”, charity shows of the film “Our hope”, began to work at the company “435 FILMS”.

In 2016, head of “Days of Ukrainian Cinema in Hamburg”. Since the beginning of 2016, he worked as an executive producer of LLC “Tatofilm” of the Short Game Movie “Synagogue”, LLC “Insaithmed” of the animation film “Travel”, which was implemented with the support of the State Agency of Ukraine on Cinema.

Since 2016 he worked at the State Film Studio “National Kinematka of Ukraine” as a producer. Also in 2016 I founded the company “UP UA STUDIO”, which is engaged in film production, development and advancement of Ukrainian cinema in Ukraine and abroad.

2021 – Producer of the Carpathian Mountain International Film Festival (Uzhgorod)

2021 – Participant “Digital Labs: Film Products” from House of Europe


2021 – Cultural event “Open Air Cinema Vernissage 2021”;

2021 – “Price of conflict”documentary 4-series serial;

2021 – “Mountains and heaven in between” Full-length documentary film;

2021 – “Broken” Short Feature Film;

2021 – “Homo Deus. Man Divine” Short feature film;

2021 – “Between us” Full-length feature film;

2020 – “SALT FOR THE SEA” Short feature film;

2020 – Cultural West “Open Air Cinema Vernissage”;

2020 – Online Project “Cinema Vernissage Online”;

2019 – “Last Day of War” 4 serial series to order “TRK Ukraina”;

2019 – production of the pilot of the series “Politials”, UCF;

2019 – Executive Producer Tyserer “Sanira”, UCF;

2019 – Documentary CCTV “Cold Test” Hojat- 2;

2019 – “Rooms”, dir. Oleg Sienzov / Akhtem Sytablaev, Full-length Film, Ukraine / Poland;

2018 – “Rooms”, dir. Tamara Trunova, theatrical performance, Ukraine;

2018 – “Khalepa na 5 Baksiv”, dir. Myroslav Latics, full-length feature film , Ukraine;

2018 – “Family Hour”, dir. Maria Ponomareva, short feature film, Ukraine;

2018 – “In Joy and Only in Joy” dir. Marina Roshchina, short feature film, Ukraine;

2017 – “99 SONGS”, dir. Vishvish Krishnamorph, full-length feature film, India;

2017 – “Coffee in a circle”, dir. Alexander Soldatov, short feature film, Ukraine;

2017 – “The hero of my time”, dir. Tony Noyabrev, full-length feature film, Ukraine;

2016 – Film Distributor “Eight”, dir. Alexander Shapiro, full-length feature film, Ukraine;

2016 – Director of the Promoter of the film “Horlity Nest”, dir. Taras Tkachenko, feature film, Ukraine;

2016 – “Occupation”, dir. Mark Hammond, full-length feature film;

2016 – “Travel”, dir. Eugene Kirokosyan, short animated film;

2016 – “Synagogue”, dir. Ivan Orlenko, short feature film, Ukraine;

2016 – “Power”, dir. Anastasia Lavrynenko, short film, Ukraine;

2016 – “Champion”, dir. Snizhna Gusarevich, short film, Ukraine;

2015 – distributor of Ukrainian films: “Love me”, “My Mermaid, My Lorelay”, “Lost City”, “On the other side”, “Crimea, as it was”;

2015 – “Mariupolis”, dir. Mantas Quadaravichus, Full-length documentary, Lithuania / Ukraine / Germany / France;

2014 – co-organizer “Week of Ukrainian Cinema in support of Oleg Sentsova” (Ukraine, Georgia, Germany);

2014 – producer of the National Kinematics of Ukraine (Kyivnukfilm).