Viktoriia Horodynska – Executive Director


In 2022 she graduated from the Karpenko-Karoho National University of Theater, Cinema and Television, specialty “Director of Television” (Workshop Nepitaluk, Trofimenko).


2021 – Media Media Media Manager. This is a joint project Media Frontline E.V. (Berlin), PostPlay Theater (Kyiv) and Agency for Safe Space (Hamburg), created with the support of the Eastern Partnership Program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Federal Republic of Germany.

2021- Administrator of the project of development of the mini-series “Benefactor” Production of the studio of Albafilm, created with the support of UKF.

2021 – the co-director of the project InstaFilm is a common project of Misto to go, PostPlayl, Citizens and Agency for Safe Space. With the support of the Hamburg Foundation “Classen-Simon-Stiftung”.

Since 2017, the co-director of the theater project “Momo”. With the support of the Goethe Institute in Ukraine.